James Michael Dorsey is an explorer, award winning author, photographer, and lecturer    

who has traveled extensively in 48 countries.  His  main pursuit of the last 15 years has been visiting remote  cultures, mostly in Asia and Africa.


His articles for  mainstream publication strive to enlighten and entertain travelers about remote places they have never been while his literary endeavors are personal narratives about unique journeys and the people encountered along the way.


He is a retired fellow of the Explorers Club and a member emeritus of the Adventurers Club.  He is a former contributing editor at Transitions Abroad and a travel consultant to Brown&Hudson of London.  James is a throwback to a bygone era of exploration and his stories and photos take the reader along with him. 


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To view a larger version of any image on any page, click on the icon at lower right of the photo.With the Red army, Wuhan, China                                          

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A gray whale breaches for fun in a sanctuary lagoon in Baja, Mexico
 In the desert of Ethiopia three camels drink from a water well while resting from their caravan
 A Tuareg nomad of the Berber people wanders the muddy  back streets of Timbuktu, Mali
 Grass huts of nomad Fulani people are a common sight in Mali, west Africa

ph: (310 836-4439
alt: (310) 739=9853